Mycoheterotrophic Plants

How many of them are there?

Aneura crumii

In 1977 and 1979 an achlorophyllous liverwort was collected on the Cerro de la Muerte in Costa Rica. It was described as Cryptothallus hirsutus by Crum and Bruce (1996). The close similarity to the european Cryptothallus mirabilis (now Aneura mirabilis) was explicitly stated, but due to the large distance between the european and the neotropical species (taking the subterranean sporulation into account), as well as size, indumentum, and capsule differences they described it as a new species. They also considered the finding of Duckett et al. (1990), who stated that C. mirabilis develops multicellular hairs during desiccation. Wickett and Goffinet (2008) included Cryptothallus mirabilis in Aneura with convincing arguments, but hesitated to do this with C. hirsutus, too, because fresh material was missing for molecular investigations. The renaming was finally done by Söderström et al. (2012). However, since the name Aneura hirsuta Furuki was already blocked (Furuki 1991), they chose the name Aneura crumii.

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