Mycoheterotrophic Plants

How many of them are there?

Thismia jianfenglingensis Han Xu, H.J. Yang & S.Q. Fang

Thismia jianfenglingensis is endemic to Hainan Island in southernmost China, described in Xu et al. (2020). It resembles Thismia hongkongensis in overall appearance, having no fused mitre, the short appendages at the inner tepals and the in the manner they interdigitate. However, it differs by inner and outer tepals being hardly 1 mm appart in length (excluding the appandages at the inner tepals) and all of them arching inwards over the corolla tube opening. Moreover, T. jianfenglingensis has a deep orange-red corolla tube and the connective appendages as well as the stigma morphology vary distinctly between the two species.

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