Mycoheterotrophic Plants

How many of them are there?

Thismia ribeiroi Engels, Ferreira-da-Silva & Soares-Lopes

Thismia ribeiroi is described in Ferreira da Silva et al. (2020) from northern Mato Grosso/Brasil. It is closest to T. caudata and T. fungiformis from subgen. Ophiomeris sect. Pyramidalis of Maas et al. (1986) due to the vermiform roots, partly reflexed tepals, pyramidal stigma and parietal placentation. However, the tepals of T. ribeiroi are inserted at equal heights at the floral tube, all six of them are alike and reflexed (tepals at different heights, unequal, and the inner bed upwards in sect. Pyramidalis). There are also some similarites to the monospecific Tiputinia foetida, in particular for the star-like flower appearance, but Tiputinia foetida differs among other things in its underground stems and initially upright stamens. 

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