Mycoheterotrophic Plants

How many of them are there?

Chamaegastrodia inverta (W. W. Smith) Seidenfaden 1994

Chamaegastrodia inverta was first described as Zeuxine inverta by W. W. Smith (1921) who collected this species in "shady situations amongst rhododendrons in 7.000ft in West China, Yunnan". Distribution stretches to Sichuan but remains in the southwest of China. Originaly described as "species anomala" this small orchid species was reffered to other genera several times before Seidenfaden (1994) finally refered it to Chamaegastrodia, analysing kin species. There are only few specimen available for analysis and the systematic position has yet to be fully confirmed, although for now this name is accepted by WCSP. This species has a bilobulate lip nearly twice as long as the simple lip of C. vaginata which is closest to C. inverta. Superficially the lip is very similar to C. shikokiana, although its operculum is narrowing into a distinct filament while the operculum in C. inverta is sessile with small lateral basal lobules Seidenfaden (1994).

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