Mycoheterotrophic Plants

How many of them are there?

Chamaegastrodia shikokiana Makino and Maekawa ex Maekawa 1935

This species was first named Gastrodia shikokiana by Makino (1892) but was published as nomen nudum from specimen found on the island of Shikoku, Japan.  which had no flowers. Maekawa later described this species and created a new genus Chamaegastrodia for this species, analyzing specimen found by Matsuda 1889 in the province of Kawachi, on Kyūshū (Maekawa 1935). This decicion was based the plants having branched (not tuberous) rhizome, gelate perianth and capsules that resembled Goodyera, in the subtribe Physurinae. Makino who held a record of this species from Rikuzen (north Japan) confirmed the proposed new genus in the joint work (Maekawa 1935). The synonym Hetaeria sikokiana proposed by Tuyama, published by Ohwi (1965) was adopted by some authors, especially the spelling of the epitheton, but is not accepted by WCSP and Chang (2014). This species differs in the T-shaped labellum and peculiar horn-shaped appendages of column from similar species of the genus.

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