Mycoheterotrophic Plants

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Thismia belumensis Siti-Munirah & Suhaimi-Miloko 2021

Thismia belumensis from Royal Belum State Park, located in the very north of Perak/Malaysia, was described by Siti-Munirah et al. (2021). It is most similar to Thismia labiata (Sumatra/Indonesia), partly similar to Thismia sahyadrica (Western Ghats/India), all three species have bilabiate flowers and a lateral opening of the floral tube. However, the hood-like apex of the flower is built by an asymmetric annulus in T. belumensis and T. labiata, whereas it consists of tepals in T. sahyadrica. All three species have linear thecae and no connective appandages. T. belumensis differ from T. labiata in shape and size of the tepal appendages, in particular by the false mitre (i.e. inner tepals not fused but bent to each other and overlapping). The authors suspect T. belumensis to belong into clade 1 of the phylogenetic tree published by Shepeleva et al. (2020).

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