Mycoheterotrophic Plants

How many of them are there?

Yoania flava Inoue & Yukawa 2002

Yoania flava was described by Inoue & Yukawa (2002) from Southern Nagano, Central Japan. The examined specimens were formerly identified as Yoania amagiensis from Honshu, Nagano about 1.400 m a.s.l.. The authors recognized differences in flower colour and flower posture. Furthermore the patent flowers stronger resemble those of Yoania japonica. Subsequent studies by the authors pointed out that Y. flava is closer related to Y. japonica (Inoue & Yukawa 2002). Y. flava has creeping rhizomes as in Y. japonica. This differs from the collaroid rhizomes in Y. amagiensis. Flower color is creamy yellow and differs from yellowish brown colours in Y. amagiensis and rosy in Y. japonica. The lip shape is another distinctive feature from Y. japonica. While Y. japonica is distributed in the northern parts of Nagano, Y. flava grows in the southern parts of Nagano and is not known from anywhere else. Inoue & Yukawa (2002) therefore hypothesize that the speciation of Y. flava occured recently.

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