Mycoheterotrophic Plants

How many of them are there?

Corallorhiza macrantha Schlechter 1918

Corallorhiza macrantha was described by Schlechter (1918) from Mexico, Oaxaca where this species was found growing under pine trees in altitudes of around 3.000 m. This rare species develops the biggest flowers in the genus and is one of most infrequently found species of Corallorhiza (Freudenstein 1997). It occures in southern Mexico and western Guatemala (POWO). Although the large open floral morphology would suggest insect pollination, facultative autogamy is a possibility. Some smaller individuals approach the size of bigger indivuals of C. maculata, but the presence of veins in the lateral lobes of the labellum is distinct in C. macrantha.

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