Mycoheterotrophic Plants

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Sciaphila tosaensis Makino 1905

Sciaphila tosaensis from Japan and Korea was coined by Makino (1905) and became synonymized with S. secundiflora by Ohashi (2000) together with S. megastyla. However, Suetsugu et al. (2019) convincingly resurrected both species due to morphological and genetical reasons and emended the description of Makino (1905). S. tosaensis differs from S. secundiflora among others traits by its narrow tepals in the male flower. Moreover, the tepals of the female flowers are distinctly smaller than those of the male flowers. In S. secundiflora and S. megastyla both sexes have equal tepals.
S. boninensis described by Tuyama (1936) was assigned to S. tosaensis by Kobayashi and Ono (1987). Earlier, S. tosaensis had been transferred to Seychellaria as Seychellaria tosaensis (Ito 1907), and became included in a new genus Parexuris by Nakai and Maekawa (1936), together with Sciaphila japonica (today Sciaphila nana). The genus Parexuris, howeverdid not receive further attention.

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