Mycoheterotrophic Plants

How many of them are there?

Epipogium kentingense Lin & Wu 2012

Epipogium kentingense was described by Lin & Wu (2012) who found specimens in only one location at the most southern point of Taiwan, in Kenting National Park. Eflora (2021) and WFO (2021) do not list this species. WCSP (2021) and POWO (2021) on the other hand list this rare species. It resembles E. roseum in many features, and can be differentiated by a general smaller size, less flowers per inflorescence, distinct purple markings in all plant parts, perpendicular contrary to pendent flowers, having a reflexed lip and the column morphology. E. roseum also occured in the same location and the authors noted, that even hybrids could be found, which shared features of both species. The publication contains pictures and drawings of the flowers. Further taxonomic discussion of this species was pursued by Lin et al. (2018). They described the potential hybrid of the two species mentioned above as E. meridianus. Comparing these similar species they further state that E. kentingense stands out from the others, because it has a relatively long column, a stigmatic surface located at the basal part at a small distance to the anther, and because it has a well-developed rostellum that favors outcrossing.

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