Mycoheterotrophic Plants

How many of them are there?

Bletia colemanii (Catling) Sosa & M.W.Chase 2020

This species was first described as a new variety of Hexalectris revoluta by Catling (2004). Kennedy & Watson (2010) found in their phylogenetic study, that it is a distinct species and therefore proposed Hexalectris colemanii. It is a very rare species, which has only been reported from several locations only in Arizona, USA (POWO 2021). Sosa & Chase (2020, not available in Germany) proposed translocations of many Hexalectris species to Bletia. In Kennedy & Watson (2010) Bletia colemanii clustered with B. arizonica. The type was collected in oak scrub forest on slopes of Sawmill Canyon at an altitude of approx. 1.500 m. Catling (2004) described many features that are important for identification, for example the central lobe of the lip, which is truncate in B. colemanii but rather acute in B. revoluta. Flowers in B. colemanii are bigger than those of B. revoluta.

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