Mycoheterotrophic Plants

How many of them are there?

Aphyllorchis striata (Ridley) Schlechter 1906

Aphyllorchis striata was first described by Ridley (1893) as Pogonia striata. Schlechter (1906) proposed the translocation to Aphyllorchis striata. Ridley (1893) published his description based on only one poorly preserved specimen and noted uncertainties about the generic position. Schlechter (1906) only mentioned the new combination A. striata as a transfer from the basionym, Pogonia striata, in the notes of a description of A. borneensis. Schlechter (1906) noted that A. borneensis is similar to A. striata. A. striata is today known from Borneo and Malaya (POWO 2021).

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