Mycoheterotrophic Plants

How many of them are there?

Aphyllorchis yachangensis Y.Qin & Y.Liu 2021

This species was very recently described from Qin & Yin (2021) from the Yachang Orchid National Nature Reserve in Guanxi, China. It’s a leafless and medium sized MHP, growing up tp 61-71 cm. The whole plant is yellow-green in colour, and usually has many dark purple spots, stripes and details. It was found in a subtropical evergreen and deciduous mixed forest at an altitude of 1.860 m. It is similar to A. caudata, from Yunnan, Thailand and Vietnam but differs mainly in its sepals that are acute at the apex, the hypochile has 2 smaller and semicircular wings, and the epichile is adaxialy smooth and acute. In A. yachangensis, the lateral lobes are furthermore triangular-ovate and the column is clavate. The publication contains very good pictures of A. yachangensis and a detailed comparison with A. caudata.

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