Mycoheterotrophic Plants

How many of them are there?

Voyria alvesiana E.F.Guim., T.S.Mendes & N.G.Silva

This is the so far youngest Voyria species, collected from Floresta Nacional de Carajás about 200 km southwest of Belém/Pará in Brasil and described in Guimarães et al.(2018). The species strongly resembles the widespread V. tenella, also sharing the pair of pedicellate nectariferous glands at the base of the ovary. However, the glands are flabellifform in V. alvesiana but clubshaped in V. tenella. Moreover, V. alvesiana has a membranaceous collar subtending the stigma (vs. absence), a lobed stigma (stigma is capitate in V. tenella), and the anthers are laterally adnate to each other (free in V. tenella).

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