Mycoheterotrophic Plants

How many of them are there?

Thismia kelantanensis Siti-Munirah 2018

Thismia kelantanensis is described in Mat Yunoh (2018) from Balah Forest Reserve in Kelantan/Malaysia (Thai-Malay-Peninsular). It resembles most Thismia clavigera and T. betung-kerihunensis, having three filiform appandages in common, erecting from the apex of the mitra. Nevertheless, T. kelantanensis differs clearly by flower coloration, details in mitre morphology and root morphology (e.g. root hairs). The author assigns the new species to sect. Sarcosiphon. However, using the key provided by Kumar et al. (2017) it should belong to sect. Geomitra (as do T. clavigera and T. betung-kerihunensis).

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