Mycoheterotrophic Plants

How many of them are there?

Thismia andicola Aguilar-Cano, S. Guzman-Guzman & Lopera-Toro

This species was found above 2000 m above sea level in the Andes of Columbia and is described in Aguilar-Cano et al. (2023). So far the type location is the only record of this species. Thismia andicola is similar to T. panamensis and T. luetzelburgii by its slightly zygomorphic floral tube, heteromorphic tepals, the shorter of which do not have filiform appendages, as well as the annulus with concentric ridges around the opening. It differs, though, by its bright blue colour of the floral tube and tepal appendages, together with yellow tepal lobe bases. It also has a specific indumentum at the stigma lobes and differing connective structures.

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