Mycoheterotrophic Plants

How many of them are there?

Thismiaceae statistics

Thismiaceae include 5 genera. By far the largest genus is Thismia with 107 species and 1 variety. Next is Afrothismia having 15 species and Oxygyne with 6 species. Haplothismia and Tiputinia have 1 species each. Some authors keep Afrothismia gabonensis as a valid taxon (counting 16 species), which, however, has been attributed as synonym to A. saingei by Maas-van de Kamer and Maas (2010). Likewise, Thismia versteegii became synonymized with T. crocea by Jonker (1938), which has been challenged by Larsen (1965). Unfortunately, the type material of T. versteegii got lost.

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