Mycoheterotrophic Plants

How many of them are there?

Thismiaceae statistics

Thismiaceae include 5 genera. By far the largest genus is Thismia with 108 species and 1 variety. Next is Oxygyne with 6 species. Haplothismia, Tiputinia and the recently described Relictithismia (Suetsugu et al. 2024) have 1 species each. Fifteen species of Afrothismia, formerly treated as Thismiaceae, had to be transferred to its own family Afrothismiaceae, as convincingly argued by Cheek et al. (2024). We consider Thismia versteegii as a synonym of T. crocea after Jonker (1938), which, however, has been challenged by Larsen (1965). Unfortunately, the type material of T. versteegii got lost.

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