Mycoheterotrophic Plants

How many of them are there?

Aphyllorchis periactinantha A.Chantanaorr. & Chantanaorr.

Aphyllorchiss periactinantha was collected in the Ton Nga Chang wildlife sanctuary in Songkhla Province/Thailand, so far known from two localities (Chantanaorrapint & Chantanaorrapint 2022). The new species resembles Aphyllorchis anomala (Queensland/Australia) in having a peloric flower (= labellum and tepals are much alike) and due to clinandrium and column features. I differs, though, by labellum shape, size and coloration as well as the shape of the rostellum. Also A. striata  is similar, but has a trilobed labellum and its flowers are smaller. More similar species and their distictions from A. periactinantha are presented in a table in Chantanaorrapint & Chantanaorrapint (2022).

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